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Channel Name Genre Description Picture Example Video
フェルミ研究所 FermiLab Miscellaneous They add voice over manga panels and make a video out of it. I'm not sure but I think the series that they do videos on are their own mangas.
Squat Senpai Lifting/Fitness Japanese Olympic Weightlifter makes a lot of content breaking down lifts and videos on his training.
220kg 20RM SQUAT HELL 【Back Squat 330KGへの挑戦 強化5日目】
ボンボンアカデミー Kids YouTube channel for kids with video topics ranging from kids songs, to different types of trains, to biology, to animations based on folk tales.
桃太郎 -ももたろう(日本語版)アニメ日本の昔ばなし/日本語学習/PEACH BOY - MOMOTARO (JAPANESE)
bakibakiDT Talking Head/Reactions Makes really fun videos, that are often centered around otaku culture and videos of him reacting to things.
木下ゆうか Food Normal cooking videos you find on YouTube with cute commentary and English subs. She tries so many different things.
futtei Gaming Primarily makes minecraft videos but also geoguessr and other games.
【マイクラ】もしもマイクラの世界が共産主義社会だったら | マルクスクラフト Part1
inakamon DIY Bought some house in the inaka and records vlogs of him repairing it with commentary over it.
【ルームツアー】築年数不明シロアリ被害あり(6部屋+物置3つ)| 空き家バンクで買った家1
キヨ。 Gaming Super funny guy that's popular due to his edited lets plays. His breath of the wild one is his most popular.
ゲーム史上最高傑作と名高い神ゲー『 ゼルダの伝説 ティアーズ オブ ザ キングダム 』#1
azochannel VLOG Small vlogger that just randomly talks to the camera, talks very fast sometimes.
masanlive Visual Novels Talks about visual novels!
2019年のノベルゲーム TOP5【新時代】
YUYUの日本語Podcast Podcast Japanese man living in Mexico who makes Japanese content (~N3) for learners. It includes random stuff usually related to his own experiences. He accepts requests for podcast topic. Also does live streams nowadays.
YUYUの日本語Podcast:🎌🤸‍♀️日本のおすすめ🍻🥰(Japanese Podcast with subtitles)
kotolabo Linguistics Short-ish video essays on linguistics.
2次ラブコメ紹介所/にじあに Anime Videos talking about romcom anime.
TAMY Climbing Channel Fitness Videos on sports/climbing.
社会部部長 History/Politics Very high quality videos on geopolitics and history.
ヒカル Miscellaneous All sorts of entertaing videos. Very good channel if you're coming from English youtube. Has full subtitles for almost every video, but he speaks really fast and contracts a lot (っす etc).
ひもの VTuber VTuber who rigs 2D models.
マサル Fishing/Survival Guy fishes for weird sea creatures and eats them. He also has a playlist of survival on foraged/fished food, so if Bear Grylls style is your jam, this is your go-to.
むいむい Foreigner in Japan/Language Learning Chinese woman who got really, really good at Japanese through immersion.
さきぃ VLOG Daily vlogs, short and fun and no hard subs. Her editing is also pretty funny so nice videos to wind down with.
ラーバーガール Skits/Conte Two-man conte group, everyday situations as skits.
ラバーガール・・・「別れさせ屋」/『ラバーガール ソロライブ「キャット」』より
Fischer's Miscellaneous One of Japan's most popular YouTube channels. It's a group channel with 6 members which probably influenced most of the main trends on Japanese YouTube today, for example hard subtitles and sound effects. As you watch more of their channel, you will grow to learn all the members and probably like most of their videos. They do lots of variety.
SAWAYAN Miscellaneous Two Ukranians born and raised in Japan. They are Japanese and Russian natives but all of their videos are done in Japanese. They also do lots of variety content like Fischer's and can sometimes be childish but it's just light hearted fun. They like doing lots of pranks on each other.
【突撃】減量を頑張っているヤンの目の前で朝からマック爆食いしてみたw w w
おろちんゆー Fishing/Forestry He has plenty of inside jokes and makes lots of videos with a friend called ペインさかいくん and they have hilarious chemistry. He fishes and eats bugs pretty much, while taking lots of inspiration from orochimaru from naruto, mainly in the form of his voice. Can't recommend to people who find bugs disgusting though. If you get invested like me, check out the second channel おろちんゆーの素揚げ.
えばそん Skits Canadian guy raised in Japan, he is a Japanese native. He makes high effort skits with editing and scripts, where he asks his viewers for input. You'll see the comments from his viewers in the videos.
ANTI BCSC Moto/VLOG Group of 5 dudes who go around on motorcycles. Their content is very funny as they crack jokes the entire time, and it's great seeing the Japanese scenery. They're from Okayama so they speak Kansai-ben, but they tone it down for the videos so it's not really that strong.
グロディーTV Growing up in Japan Guy born in the DRC in Africa, moved to Belgium for a few years, then raised in Japan. He is a Japanese native. He goes around at night in Shibuya and interviews people, leading to some really funny moments.
ジョシュアinロンドン☆ Growing up in Japan Joshua is a really interesting case because he's white and was raised in Japan, but both of his parents are also white and were raised in Japan. So he's a second generation white japanese guy. Anyways, he interviews other nihonsodachi people. Great to get perspective on what it is like for them.
QuizKnock Quiz Group channel made up of almost entirely 東大 graduates. I think ふくらP might be the only guy in the main cast who didn't go to 東大. Anyways, they are all basically highly studied geniuses who make interesting content.
SAWAYAN GAMES Gaming SAWAYAN CHANNEL's second channel. Mainly ran by Sawa (the older brother) but has Yan at times as well as other guests. Sometimes kinda boring, sometimes absolutely hilarious. He mainly plays Mario Kart 8DX with some other games occasionally.
はじめしゃちょー Miscellaneous One of Japan's biggest youtubers. Personally I only watch him occasionally, but I like him a lot more than ヒカキン who is Japan's other main giant. Some of his videos are pretty funny/interesting.
じぶん流DIYちゃんねる DIY Guy fixing up an akiya to retire in 10 years later in Ibaraki, Japan. The house renovation is really interesting. The only downside is all of the videos are subtitles with music and there is no voiceover, but if you can get over this I'd still recommend it.
【ぼろ平屋DIY】#1 ルームツアー 激安ずたぼろ平屋内部公開
レイユール Chemistry/Cooking This guy is a legitimate Organic Chemist who makes food perfectly using chemistry. Pretty interesting. All the stuff he makes looks delicious.
しゅうゲームズ Gaming Guy who plays lots of nintendo games. His Wii Sports videos are especially great. He has lots of inside jokes and is entertaining.
ヘイリーおばさんが強すぎた 裏闘技場 wii スポーツ ボクシング
ヘルスカ Miscellaneous Finnish guy who makes high quality videos on various topics with lots of editing. He is not a Japanese native, but he is still at a pretty high level and it's worth immersing in. My favorite videos from him are the ones where he humorously changes/creates new kana and kanji in Japanese.
Okayu Ch. 猫又おかゆ VTuber (Hololive) Laidback and mischievous VTuber whose strongpoint is gaming and does a lot of longform playthroughs of games. Has a very soothing and easy to understand speaking style.
【ELDEN RING】今日から僕も王になります!#01【猫又おかゆ/ホロライブ】 ※ネタバレ注意
Subaru Ch. 大空スバル VTuber (Hololive) A cheerful, extroverted normie who somehow got hired as a VTuber. Goofy, and always tries her best. Her speaking style takes a little to get used to, and can be hard to understand, but really grows on you.
【#ホロライブレトロゲーム部】マ リ オ 6 4 ク リ ア 耐 久/Mario 64 with OKAYU【ホロライブ】
Pekora Ch. 兎田ぺこら VTuber (Hololive) War criminal and comedian. Often tries to prank people and cause mischief, but ends up failing and being worse than when she started. Talks fast, screams often, and has a few anime-esque verbal tics.
【GTAV】Let's go GTA!! 今日から始めるロスサントス生活!!!!!ぺこ!【ホロライブ/兎田ぺこら】
Marine Ch. 宝鐘マリン VTuber (Hololive) Best known for being horny. Super knowledgeable about a ton of different topics, and will easily talk about all sorts of entertaining things during her streams. Claims to be 17, but is obviously a granny. Speaks very clearly, but very fast.
Korone Ch. 戌神ころね VTuber (Hololive) Very cute dog who plays videogames. Expert at making goofy noises, but can be unexpectedly gruesome at times. Doesn’t speak too fast.
DOOM2016 やる!
Roberu Ch. 夕刻ロベル VTuber (Holostars) Fast- talking, and always quipping, Roberu shines in collabs due to his ability to carry a conversation and make others around him comfortable. Speaks in kansai-ben.
【#ロベルないとめあ】『It Takes Two』で協力する我々【夕刻ロベル/神楽めあ】#1
Gamma Ch. 緋崎ガンマ - UPROAR!! VTuber (Holostars) Energetic manga artist vtuber. Mostly does drawing streams, but became popular during his recent rust streams where he would do various commissions in-game for materials.
【RUST】初心者パリピ漫画家のスト鯖4日目!イラスト描きながらまったりと【#緋崎ガンマ / #ホロスターズ / #vtuber 】
壱百満天原サロメ / Hyakumantenbara Salome VTuber (Nijisanji) Unhinged girl who roleplays as a classic お嬢様 character. Her streams are short so she can stay in character the entire time. Hilarious and memey.
【おバイオ7】BIOHAZARD 7 ✦ をプレイいたしますわ! ✦1【ですわ】
花畑チャイカ VTuber (Nijisanji) Offbeat, quirky and hilarious. Frequently leaves his coworkers either laughing or confused.
ニンテンドー ラボ ロボットを社と加賀美と一緒に3Dで作って遊ぼう
月ノ美兎 VTuber (Nijisanji) Does really funny 雑談.
星導ショウ VTuber (Nijisanji) A 13.82×10^9 years old octopus(?) that works as an unlicensed art appraiser. He's really good at singing and does gaming streams and just chatting streams. Seems to prefer horror games. Pretty easy to follow since he speaks relatively slowly and clearly (except for when he bites his tongue). Overall a very chill channel.
【歌ってみた】サルバドール / 星導ショウ
加賀美 ハヤト/Hayato Kagami VTuber (Nijisanji) Calm and clever, Kagami often plays the straight man in collabs with others. Plays a lot of less-often-seen games.
渋谷ハル VTuber (Neo-Porte) High level Apex Legends player, hosts the VTuber Apex tournament.
VTuber最協決定戦 ver.APEX LEGENDS Season5 本配信【#V最協S5】
Haneru Channel / 因幡はねる VTuber (774 inc.) Makes really fun event streams, sometimes with pro artists like the authors of Oshi no Ko and Made in Abyss.
【#Cのから騒ぎ】神漫画家だらけ編!森川ジョージ/桂正和/赤坂アカ/つくしあきひと/アジチカ/西義之/黒瀬浩介/佐倉おりこ【因幡はねる / ななしいんく】
Tamaki Ch. 犬山たまき / 佃煮のりお VTuber (NoriPro) Does interviews with other vtubers and stuff.
橘ひなの / Hinano Tachibana VTuber (VSPO!) Hinano is a self-proclaimed nerdy beautiful girl who loves playing video games and singing. While most of the time she is shown to have a rather bullish and cheerful personality, she also has a kind and maternal side to her. Hinano is the type of person who can't handle compliments well; she gets flustered easily and usually reacts by snapping at the one who complimented her for "making fun of her".
【 ピクミン4 】#1 引っこ抜かれてあなただけについて行く。今日も運ぶ、戦う、増える、そして・・・【 ぶいすぽっ!/橘ひなの 】
瀬戸弘司のゲーム実況 / Koji Seto Games Gaming Plays popular games on Youtube. Famous for his Minecraft let's play but his channel has many other games.
【瀬戸のマインクラフト】#0 今日からPC版はじめます!まずは基本操作から!
兄者弟者 Gaming Focuses on 実況. Speaks very clearly which makes it easier than other similar channels.
【VR実況】弟者,兄者,おついちの「Job Simulator」【2BRO.】
ジュキヤ/Jukiya Street interviews This was what Konbini Confessions was based on. Interviews in shibuya with people from different age groups.
ジョーブログ【CRAZY CHALLENGER】 Traveling Amazing channel if you wanna learn about the history of various places in Japan. He goes to several 廃墟 and currently lives in the most "dangerous" place in Japan - Nishinari.
じゅん Gaming/雑談 Let's plays and random variety content. Also has some 雑談, all extremely funny (and loud).
結局マグマと水どっちがいいの? ☆水とマグマのアスレチック☆
HikakinTV VLOG Hikakin is the most popular YouTuber in Japan. He has been making videos for over a decade, usually VLOG type videos with silly humor.
加藤純一ロードショー【総集編&MAD】 Gaming This channel contains "digests" of much longer let's plays from 加藤純一's main channel.
1人前食堂 Cooking A lady cooks for herself in cozy home kitchen while monologuing on her current life, scripted and film-like quality.
NewsPicks /ニューズピックス Miscellaneous/News Collection of short debates between experts on various current affairs, with great editing and graphics. Naturally, this is quite a bit harder than your average YouTube channel, but it is very interesting.
Japanese Traveler SHIGE Travel Middle-aged man travels the world and gives comprehensive experience of a place, its food and attractions in 20 minute videos.
エレガント人生チャンネル Skits A man and a woman (friends or couple?) doing homemade comedy skits, pretty funny.
HOTEL DE MIKUNI Cooking Retired chef cooks in his restaurant, shows how to make dishes or simply enjoys life eating out or meeting his friends and family.
フェルミ漫画大学 Miscellaneous Manga- like videos summarising lots of different culture/society essays, and self help books. Cute visuals and dialogues to keep it entertaining and informative. The reader speaks very fast so it's a bit hard but well worth it.
マリマリマリー Skits Short animated comedy skits with super cute pop visuals with real and unscripted sounding voices. The readers speak very fast with a lot of slang and they tend to eat their words quite a bit. Turning on subs is highly recommended.
桐崎栄二.きりざきえいじ Miscellaneous Various small videos on wildly different topics, usually very funny or centering on one stupid idea. Often collaborates with his little sister.
parako - 私立パラの丸高校 Skits Short comedy animated skits about high school students with paranormal abilities. Sometimes the episodes are connected to some kind of plot or arc. Nice visuals and funny humor.
しれっとすげぇこと言ってるギャルの会話【アニメコント】 #パラ高
SDGs media Sustainability Informative videos about SDGs, environmental policies and how to be more sustainable in business and daily life.
悪いが今は青春中 Skits Tiktok shorts and YouTube collections of high school slice of life skits, with very soft, natural sounding 青春 romance.
マサキ/Masaki Books Reading An avid bookworm makes reviews of what he read without spoilers. Cozy atmosphere and passionate opinions.
李姉妹ch Growing up in Japan Chinese sisters that mostly grew up in Japan, variety of content but usually related to their upbringing.
けんたさん Cycling/VLOG Videos on cycling, reviews of products, his new bikes, shows planning that goes into some rides, traveling with bikes. Also does shorts.
まさ / 高倉正善 Cycling/Miscellaneous Longer videos, some less serious and focused on fun ideas instead.
ゆる言語学ラジオ Linguistics Linguistics and computer science students hang out and talk about some aspects of language. Sometimes with guests.
ゆるコンピュータ科学ラジオ Computer Science Same as above but the other way around. Computer science student talks about it to a linguistics student.
文学YouTuberベル Reading Generic books content, videos on single books or reading in general.
Kevin's English Room / 掛山ケビ志郎 Miscellaneous Three friends from uni that make content surrounding the English language and American culture.
Nolie France / のりふら VLOG Japanese mother raising her half kids with her French husband in france. Videos on food, general life, France from the perspective of a Japanese person.
杏/anne TOKYO Cooking/Travel Lots of cooking videos in the past, now focused more on travel, occasionally music, books and so on.
【Japanese traditional food】我が家のお正月料理をご紹介します!