Ranking Title Difficulty Explanation Description Picture
Very Easy ゆるゆり A very cute and easy manga that is appropriate for beginners. Mostly slice of life stuff with very little difficulty anywhere. After a year in grade school without her childhood friends, first year student Akari Akaza is finally reunited with second years Yui Funami and Kyouko Toshinou at their all-girls' middle school. During the duo's first year, Yui and Kyouko formed the "Amusement Club" which occupies the now nonexistent Tea Club's room.
Very Easy あずまんが大王 Very easy slice of life 4koma comedy manga. Azumanga Daioh chronicles the everyday life in an unnamed Japanese high school of six girls and two of their teachers. The girls represent various stereotypes. Feel good manga.
Very Easy 事情を知らない転校生がグイグイくる。 The plot is mostly irrelevant as it consists of everyday activities from elementary school students. The chapters are also incredibly short at 3-4 pages each which makes everything easier to follow, even though you don't actually need to as the story isn't continuous. The rumored "Grim Reaper" possessing the ability to curse others by touch alone, Akane Nishimura, is just a regular elementary school girl with a gloomy appearance. Due to constant bullying from her classmates, Akane is isolated and friendless at school. However, when clueless transfer student Taiyou Takada is impressed with Akane's "powers," he asks to be her friend. Taiyou's inadvertent assertiveness constantly makes Akane's heart flutter, filling her once-dull days with light.
Very Easy 幸色のワンルーム The dialogues and word choice are pretty easy with a lot of furigana even on very basic words. In fact, every single kanji that appears has furigana so it's as simple as it gets. An unnamed 14-year-old girl who is physically abused by her parents, sexually abused by her teacher, and bullied by her classmates decides to commit suicide, but is stopped by an unnamed man who always wears a mask. She decides to run away to live with the man and begins calling him "Mister." The police treat her disappearance as a kidnapping, and begin searching for the two. They make a pact that if they can escape from the police they will get married, but if they get caught they will end their life.
Very Easy 真夜中ハートチューン Full furigana support. A few technical words regarding the voice industry and broadcasting but other than that, it's mostly just SoL content. When Arisu Yamabuki was all alone in bed at night, he was able to find solace in the voice of a radio host who went by “Apollo.” However, one day, she simply stopped broadcasting without any explanation. Years then passed, and Arisu is now a second-year high-schooler. He makes it his mission to search for Apollo, as there is something he wants to tell her. He doesn’t know what she looks like, or even what her real name is, but he manages to get some leads on her in his school’s broadcasting club.
Very Easy 新米姉妹のふたりごはん It is great, it is cute, story is very lighthearted and generally without any real progression so you won’t miss much if you don’t understand some parts. The grammar and dialogue is also very simple, so you can’t really go wrong with it. The only difficulty comes from a few food-related words but as those are everyday words, I believe this to be useful to beginners. After her father's remarriage, Sachi suddenly has a new stepsister, Ayari. At first, their interactions are awkward, and very brief. However, they soon discover a shared love... of food? Sachi soon discovers Ayari's passion for cooking, and the two step-sisters soon begin to bond over Ayari's delicious cooking, and begin to overcome the barriers that had once kept them apart. While their parents are away on their honeymoon, they learn to cope with their differences, and bond over a seemingly insignificant thing!
Very Easy 犬になったら好きな人に拾われた Very easy dialogues, word choices too and with furigana everywhere. A little ecchi comedy where you are being kept by a cool, beautiful girl! When you woke up, you found yourself as the pet dog of a girl named Inukai-san! At school, Inukai-san has no expression on her face, but she's a dog lover who loves her dog to pieces! She loves dogs so much that she's going to turn you into a real dog, body and soul! An erotic comedy that makes you stop being human!
Very Easy トモちゃんは女の子! Each chapter is a single page, usually in a 4-koma format. The dialogue is simple, the story is straightforward and there's not much difficult Japanese here. Great first manga. Tomo Aizawa and Junichirou "Jun" Kubota are the tightest bros you would ever see. They roughhouse and spar, but through thick and thin, they have got each other's back. Yet, there is just one small problem: Tomo is in love with Jun!
Very Easy 僕の彼女は最高です! Another very simple cute manga. It’s the story of two partners just doing random cute everyday thing with comical relief and usual mishaps. There’s not really much to it story-wise but the language is relatively simple and the dialogue is very back-and-forth easy to approach. A boy is disheartened after being suddenly dumped by his girlfriend. Wanting to cheer him up, his tomboyish friend proposes the unexpected: they should start dating instead! Because of their starkly contrasting personalities, the new couple often engages in silly arguments and lengthy banter. From celebrating Christmas to simply resting at home, their daily life together never fails to be romantic as well as entertaining!
Very Easy からかい上手の高木さん Really easy read. Ideal starting manga in my opinion, nothing hard about it and minimal text so you aren’t being drowned in dialogue. With a smirk, the mischievous middle school boy Nishikata glances over at Takagi, the girl seated next to him in class. "If you blush, you lose." That has been the unwritten rule set between the two ever since they encountered one another in middle school. Day after day, loss after loss, Nishikata strives to see Takagi red with embarrassment, but his futile attempts are only met by further ridicule.
Very Easy からかい上手の元高木さん Same as above since it's (kind of) a follow-up manga. After years of putting up with Takagi's teasing, Nishikata came to realize that her presence in his life had become irreplaceable. Now married, the days they spend together are more vibrant than ever, thanks to the antics of their mischievous daughter, Chii. Influenced by her mother, Chii has a habit of pulling pranks on her father, much to his dismay.
Very Easy Half&half Really easy, not that much text, sentence length is on the shorter side, and the vocabulary is simple with furigana. Shinichi Nagakawa and Yuuki Sanada are both involved in an accident and die together. However, they are given a chance to live again. God lets them live for seven more days, but after their time is up, one of them must die again. Oh, and there's one more catch. God decrees that their lives will be shared, including emotions and physical sensations. They are also unable to leave one another's side. What will happen during those seven days?
Very Easy 月曜日のたわわ Slice of life content, nothing hard really. A salary man is quite depressed, especially on Mondays. At his lowest point a well-endowed high school girl calling herself Ai-chan stumbles breast-first into his face. The concussion she gave him served as the start of their relationship.
Very Easy ルリドラゴン It’s very easy to follow and very beginner-friendly. It has full furigana and most dialogues are pretty straightforward. The story is about a high-school girl who wakes up one day with dragon horns and finds out that she is half-dragon. She goes through everyday teenage life with all (light-hearted) problems that come with being a half dragon but surprisingly there’s very little drama involved. It’s more fun than not.
Very Easy-Easy 少女終末旅行 Mostly everyday words, made even easier by the fact that the story is about two main characters in a post-apocalyptic world learning about the past. There is some vocabulary about military equipment but it's mostly trivial. Amidst a post-apocalyptic world, Chito and Yuuri seem to be the final survivors of the war that brought civilization to its demise. No longer having a place to live, the girls roam around the city on their half-track motorcycle, ever in search of resources to sustain their vagabond lifestyle. Despite the bleak future ahead of them, the duo still finds ways to entertain themselves throughout this melancholic journey.
Easy やがて君になる Vocabulary is the common beginner trifecta of slice of life, school and romance stuff. All kanji have furigana. Story is moved forward mostly through character dialogues, rather than action, so - while they're quite easy - if you fail to understand them you might get confused a little at times with not much to clue you in. Still, only a relatively small step up compared to the easiest mangas. First-year high school student Yuu Koito unexpectedly receives a confession from a middle school classmate. Feeling that she does not understand love, she turns him down. She later sees second-year student council member Touko Nanami turning down a confession, and becomes convinced that Touko feels similarly about romance. She approaches Touko and the two begin to bond, before Touko suddenly confesses feelings for Yuu, surprising her.
Easy 好きな子がめがねを忘れた SoL elements, simple sentence structure and there's furigana which makes it even easier to look up words. As the deskmate of Ai Mie, Kaede Komura always has his attention fixed on her. Attracted by her cute charms, all he wishes for is that she would look at him with those beautiful eyes beneath her glasses. But just a few days after making her acquaintance, Kaede notices something different about Ai: her eyes are squinting and her glasses are missing. Nonetheless, he still finds her adorable!
Easy 久保さんは僕を許さない Similar to the one above, simple sentence structure and basic vocab but no furigana which makes it slightly harder. High school student Junta Shiraishi has a simple goal—to live a fulfilling youth. However, achieving this goal appears to be harder than expected, as everyone in his surroundings often fails to notice him due to his lack of presence. So far, the only person who notices his existence is Nagisa Kubo, the girl seated next to him. Unfortunately for him though, Kubo likes to tease him on a daily basis and often puts him into unprecedented and nerve-wracking situations.
Easy 血の轍 Surprisingly little dialogues overall. Word choice is simple throughout which makes it easier for true beginners. Seiichi Osabe is an only child living a mundane life. Just like any middle schooler, he has friends, a crush on a girl, and loving parents. However, Seiichi's mother is extremely overprotective, which causes others to view him as a mama's boy. Although he does not consider her behavior to be unusual, a certain incident starts to open his eyes to just how dangerous her affection is. As Seiichi tries to break free from her grasp, he learns that his life is not as normal as he thought.
Easy 聲の形 Language used is not too difficulty, typical vocab you would find in slice of life and romance. In sixth grade, Shoya Ishida leads the class in bullying Shoko Nishimiya, a classmate who is new to the school and is deaf. When Shoya's actions are finally condemned by the principal, all of his friends and teachers turn against him, socially isolating him well into high school to the point that he eventually considers suicide, which he believes would absolve him of his bad deeds. To make amends, he reunites with Shoko, who is still lonely due to her shyness.
Easy ゆるキャン Typical slice of life language is used. The only thing that might make this a bit difficult is that there is no furigana and there are some camping specific vocab. Other than that it should be fine. Set in and around Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan, the manga chronicles the adventures of Rin Shima, Nadeshiko Kagamihara, and their friends as they travel to various campsites across the country.
Easy 堀さんと宮村くん Beginner-friendly, basic slice of life romcom without too much difficulty. Kyoko Hori is a popular high school student, in contrast to her classmate Izumi Miyamura, a gloomy boy. At home, Hori is a homebody who dresses down and looks after her younger brother, Souta. One day, Souta comes home with a nosebleed. He had been accompanied by a boy with numerous piercings and tattoos, who introduces himself as Miyamura. After recognizing Hori, even when she is dressed down, they agree to keep their true identities concealed from their peers.
Easy 海咲ライラック Slice of life with easy vocabulary. Has some furigana here and there. Even though he’s such a good-for-nothing… Why is my heart racing like this!? Hazuki Umi is a caring middle school student, beloved by everyone who lives on the island. In contrast, Inoue Fuuta has done nothing but be lazy at home ever since he moved to the island to open up a guesthouse. An overwhelming age difference of 15 years lies between them. He has no delicacy, he isn’t reliable at all… And yet, his words always manage to make her heart race and her face flush.
Easy 僕たちは勉強ができない Standard harem romcom situation, everything is pretty simple since the plot doesn't go too deep. Nariyuki Yuiga, an impoverished third-year high school student, works tirelessly to receive the VIP nomination, a scholarship that would cover all of his college tuition fees. In recognition of his hard work, the headmaster awards him the renowned scholarship. However, this scholarship is given under one condition: he must tutor the school's geniuses in their weakest subjects!
Easy CHERRY TEACHER 佐倉直生 Pretty short slice of life comedy manga with absolutely amazing art, so even if a specific interaction goes over your head you'll still enjoy it a lot. Naoki Sakura has just arrived at an all-girls high school, ready to teach a class of first-year students. The spirited homeroom teacher states his goal of building genuine relationships and offers to help them with any issues they might be facing. His students comprise Yuna Sakurai is a melodramatic klutz who inadvertently reveals her underwear, Minori Hinomoto boasts inhumane strength, and Shizuka Aoi is a blunt and, at times, aggressive lesbian.
Easy 神ゲーってそういうことですか Ordinary CGDCT shoujo ai manga with limited vocabulary outside of some MMO lingo. Pretty easy and short. Anna Senoo recently got a job at a social game company called Kami Games, which turns out to be run by actual gods.
Easy 高嶺の華は乱れ咲き Simple vocabulary, the dialogues are rather simple since it's a lot about the visuals and well, the somewhat twisted main characters than the actual story. She is the perfect student, beautiful, clever and with lots of friends... He is an ordinary boy in the class, staring at her from afar. But then... he sees her in a very compromising situation! How will she react? The lives of these two will now intermingle with totally unexpected outcomes!
Easy アオハライド A tad more handwritten text than usual which can be harder to decipher. but still smooth sailing. I guess it takes place in the Kansai region so there’s Kansai-ben. While most girls desire popularity among boys, Futaba Yoshioka wants the exact opposite. After attracting many admirers back in middle school which resulted in her being shunned by her female classmates, she decided that high school will be her chance to revamp her image. Little does Futaba know, her life will take another drastic turn when her first love, Kou Mabuchi, returns after his sudden disappearance years ago in middle school.
Easy 薫る花は凛と咲く Easy daily life conversations and vocabulary and slice of life story so easy read. Classic love story between an apparent delinquent and a wealthy rose from a prestigious private school. The delinquent turns out to help his family's cake shop, she drops by and romance ensues.
Easy 惡の華 Lots of annoying katakana names thrown about but simple dialogue and sparse text so it's easy. One day, Takao Kusaga forgets to bring his book home with him. He returns to school to retrieve it, but is stopped in his tracks when he finds his crush's freshly worn gym clothes lying on the floor. A strange desire consumes Takao, and like a wicked pervert, he steals them. With the guilt of his crime weighing on him, Takao tries his best to live a normal life. His classmate Sawa, however, who witnessed Takao's thievery, has other plans in store for him…
Easy 徒然チルドレン 4-koma with no furigana but still easy. Love is not simple. It is complicated, frustrating, often incomprehensible—and it is something that many high school students are all too familiar with. Love takes on countless forms, but it is an emotion common to different kinds of people: childhood friends, tsunderes, classmates, delinquents, and student council presidents. Love can also flourish between unlikely pairs who bury their feelings deep within them.
Easy 一週間フレンズ。 4-koma with text overload sometimes, but not that bad. Sentences can be longer but easy to understand. Kaori Fujimiya is always alone because all of her happy memories, including time spent with her friends, disappear every Monday. Deciding that he wants to be friends with her anyway, Yuuki Hase tries to get close to Kaori each week, wishing that she would one day call him "a friend."
Easy ヤンデレめる子ちゃんはせんぱいがお好き Pretty simple sentences and overall structure. The grammar isn't too difficult either, suitable for a beginner. Meru thought romance wasn't for her, but then she appeared. Her "senpai" with a small frame and strong sense of justice. She fell in love at first sight, and despite constantly expressing her affection, her love runs even deeper...!?
Easy ちょっぴりえっちな三姉妹でも、お嫁さんにしてくれますか? A lot of the humor is physical which makes it easier to read. The sentences are not too complicated, with basic vocabulary and grammar. The three sisters of a distinguished family have perverted hobbies?! Erotic and cute sisters in this romantic comedy manga~
"Live with the three popular sisters at school, and teach them how to become suitable brides!" Tenma Ichijou is a high school student who has fallen onto bad times. He is approached by the sisters' doting, high-ranking father, who proposes a strange job. However, all three sisters have strange (perverted) hobbies...
Easy ささやくように恋を唄う Usual slice of life with no furigana, although that shouldn't pose too much of a problem. Yori Asanagi is a mature girl in many ways but is still pure when it comes to romance. That sentiment is proven when an underclassman, Himari Kino, suddenly confesses love to her after her band performance at the freshman opening ceremony. Confused and surprised, Yori asks her friends for consultation, but they tease her by saying that she is experiencing love. Yori soon makes up her mind and tries to return Himari's feelings, but realizes that what Himari loved was not her, but her music!
Easy よつばと! Contrary to popular opinion, this might not be the best starting manga. Some of the dialogue may be confusing and harder to understand for beginners. For the most part
it's easy though.
While most people find the world mundane, five-year-old Yotsuba Koiwai sees it as a treasure trove of amazing bustle and wonderful places to explore. When she and her adoptive father, Yousuke, move to a new city, the energetic young girl naturally sets out to investigate the neighborhood on her own.
Easy ひとりぼっちの○○生活 Pretty easy with simple sentences and easy vocabulary. It doesn't have furigana though. Hitori Bocchi suffers from extreme social anxiety, she's not good at talking to people, takes pretty extreme actions, is surprisingly adept at avoiding people, her legs cramp when she overexerts herself, gets full of herself when alone, will vomit when exposed to extreme tension and often comes up with plans. Now she is entering middle school and her only friend, Yawara Kai, is attending a different school.
Easy クラスの大嫌いな女子と結婚することになった。 A few long passages, but decently easy with furigana. High school student Hojo Saito married his classmate, Sakuramori Akane, the girl who’s his worst enemy in school. Their newlywed life wasn’t going so well, and they were constantly at odds. However, as they progress through their daily lives, the distance between them closes, they have more enjoyable moments together, and they gradually come to understand one another.
Easy 冴えない僕が君の部屋でシている事をクラスメイトは誰も知らない There isn't too many complicated words and the sentences aren't too long either. The grammar is basic most of the time and it's very approachable. The MC is sexfriend with a shy and reserved girl in his class. For some reason, another girl starts developing interest in him and there is an interesting triangle happening. The MC is more interesting than most in romcom.
Easy 陰キャの僕に罰ゲームで告白してきたはずのギャルが、どう見ても僕にベタ惚れです Very straightforward romance with mostly simple vocabulary, basic grammar and decently short sentences. When the gorgeous Nanami Barato confesses to Yoshin Misumai, it seems too good to be true! Only, it is—and Yoshin knows it. How's an introverted guy like him supposed to keep his cool when he knows this is all just a dare? Even more puzzling, despite her gaudy appearance, this supposed gyaru isn't actually all that good with guys!
Easy 楠木さんは高校デビューに失敗している Simple vocabulary, simple sentences, simple grammar. Nothing too hard to see here, approachable for beginners. Main character is making his high school debut after being unattractive in middle school. Turns out another 陰キャラ from his middle school days is also having her high school debut and they pretend to be lovers to avoid the pressure from being in the top caste at school.
Easy 北沢くんはAクラス Nothing too difficult here, it's mostly slice of life terms. The sentences are easy and a lot of the humor is graphic anyway. Basically the same thing as above, main character was fat in middle school and decided to turn his life around for his high school debut and got super ripped. Hilarity ensues as he tries to fit in with the top caste at school.
Easy practiced liar Simple language, doable as a first manga. Miura has the innate ability to "read minds". One day, he meets Abe, his junior at a university club, who is twice as quiet and expressionless as anyone else. But it turns out Abe is a person who will talk non-stop like a machine-gun about his pure love for Miura (*only in his mind)!
Easy テンカウント Has some specific vocabulary from time to time, but overall just slice of life level. Shirotani suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder. One day he meets Kurose, a therapist who offers to take him through a ten-step program to cure him of his compulsion, but Shirotani's attraction to his counselor grows.
Easy 星空を見つめたそのあとで Standard slice of life romance, nothing too difficult to see here. This is a pure BL between a photographer and a designer who is in a wheelchair.
Easy スローライフエブリデイ Average (BL) romance vocabulary, mostly slice of life stuff. Daichi Matoba, highschooler. He has no ambitions, dreams nor hobbies. But his meeting with Hideki Maejima at a tea house changes his life.
Easy 海辺のエトランゼ Nothing too difficult, standard romance and slice of life vocabulary and sentence structure. This is a tantalizing love story about a gay novelist and a younger part-time worker.
Easy 雪の下のクオリア Slice of life/romance vocabulary so nothing out of the ordinary. Akio and Umi live in the same student hostel. While Akio rather avoids other people, Umi frequently has one-night stands with men. Still, a kind of friendship develops between the two of them, as they need each other to deal with their pasts.
Easy-Medium BLUE GIANT It has some music jargon but not too much, mostly slice-of-life vocabulary. Not too difficult. The latest great works by Ishizuka Shinichi! A high school 3rd year student, Miyamoto Dai, whose heart was touched by Jazz, continued to play the Saxophone alone in Kawahara, rain or shine, day or night, for many years. "I want to become the world's best Saxophone player...!!" Effort, talent, faith, environment, luck...which are necessary? A tale of reaching towards his goal recklessly and sincerely begins in Hirosegawa, Sendai.
Easy-Medium レベル1だけどユニースキルで最高です Has fantasy/isekai vocab. A girl kills a slime monster in a dungeon and as a drop, overworked salaryman appears.
Easy-Medium SPY×FAMILY Slice of life vocabulary with some political bits. The story follows a spy who has to "build a family" to execute a mission, not realizing that the girl he adopts as his daughter is a telepath, and the woman he agrees to be in a marriage with is a skilled assassin.
Easy-Medium 鳴かせてくれない上家さん Mostly SoL structure and grammar outside of the mahjong vocabulary. Doable for beginners. MC plays a lot of online mahjong and gets invited to the high school mahjong club by a cute girl and loses his cool. Boy x Girl story with a mahjong setting.
Easy-Medium チェンソーマン Language used is fairly average but has a lot of parts with very little dialogue making it easier to read. Denji was a small-time devil hunter just trying to survive in a harsh world. After being killed on a job, he is revived by his pet devil Pochita and becomes something new and dangerous—Chainsaw Man! Denji's a poor young man who'll do anything for money, even hunting down devils with his pet devil Pochita.
Easy-Medium Beck Music, romance, drama, coming-of-age are the main themes of this manga - not particularly hard but you have to follow a story instead of enjoying chapters or interactions that could stand alone. Yukio spend his time in middle school listening to pop music until he gets introduced to Rock by the guitarist Minami Ryuusuke, which makes him aspire to become a great guitarist himself. From that point forward Yukio has to find his way through life balancing his efforts to become a professional guitarist with his friends, school and relationships.
Easy-Medium シメジ シミュレーション From the same author as Girl’s Last Tour. The writing style is almost the exact same, however the story has definitely more dialogues and events happening so it feels a bit harder. Not exactly recommended for a true beginner but if you read and enjoyed Girl’s Last Tour you can’t go wrong with this one. After locking herself inside her closet for two years, Shijima Tsukishima finally comes out of isolation to attend high school. However, when she looks at herself in the mirror, she discovers two shimeji mushrooms growing on the top of her head. This odd occurrence, combined with a lack of social ability and being bullied in middle school, leads Shijima to keep to herself when she arrives at school.
Easy-Medium アカイリンゴ The hardest part is probably the kansaiben that one of the side characters speaks. Other than that it's standard slang. Nothing is too difficult outside of some sexual vocab, which is normal considering the theme. Japan in the Reiwa XX era, where sexual activity is illegal. Inuta Hikaru, an honor student whose father is the director of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's Sexual Enforcement Division, witnesses something shocking at a club he visits for the first time with her friend. There are a lot of people who enjoy sex with a great deal of alcohol and music! And among them is Inuta's favorite idol, Misora. In front of this unusual sight, an impulse that he's never felt runs around Inuta's body.
Easy-Medium 鬼滅の刃 One of the more accessible shonen, has fantasy vocab. The story takes place in Taishō era Japan, where a secret society, known as the Demon Slayer Corps, has been waging a secret war against demons for centuries. The demons are former humans who were turned into demons by Muzan Kibutsuji injecting them with his own blood, and they feed on humans and possess supernatural abilities such as super strength, powers that demons can obtain called "Blood Demon Art", and regeneration.
Easy-Medium その着せ替え人形は恋をする A lot of vocab you find typically in in romance, sol manga for the most part. There may occasionally be less common vocab as there are some educational parts which go in depth regarding cosplay, clothing, make up and so on. Wakana Gojo's passion for crafting hina dolls had led him to hide his interests due to social trauma. However, when his classmate Marin Kitagawa discovered his talent, she saw beyond his apparent idiosyncrasies and encouraged him to create cosplay costumes. With Marin's unwavering support, Wakana stepped out of his seclusion and began to gain confidence. Working together, they created unique and beautiful costumes showcasing their talents and true selves.
Easy-Medium タコピーの原罪 Language & vocab used should not be too difficult. Also a super short series. Nnu- Anu-Kf is a Happian—an alien who resembles an octopus, who traveled from the Happy Planet in order to spread happiness to others. After crash-landing on Earth and escaping federal authorities, he comes across Shizuka, a 9-year-old girl who is bullied relentlessly by her classmate Marina and only finds solace with her dog Chappy.
Easy-Medium ギャルごはん Everything is pretty easy outside of the obvious gyaru language. Mostly harem slice of life vocabulary and grammar. Miku Okazaki is a "gal": a fun-loving high school student who expresses herself through bleached hair, sexy clothes, and heaps of accessories. Unfortunately, she's also flunking every class. When she asks her Home Economics teacher, Yabe Shinji, to help her bake bribery cookies for her disappointed teachers, she finds a new excitement in that small success–and Shinji is moved by her enthusiasm. Shinji decides to start a cooking club to better connect with his students, and Miku is first in line to join!
Easy-Medium 女子高生の無駄遣い Comedy manga with some slang from time to time. Parodies a lot of tropes in slice of life so there are some references from time to time. Owing to her silly personality, middle school student Nozomu "Baka" Tanaka had only one ridiculous dream: to become incredibly popular with boys in high school. However, she ends up attending an all-girls institution alongside her two best friends—Akane Kikuchi, nicknamed "Wota" for being an aspiring manga artist obsessed with boys love; and Shiori Saginomiya, dubbed "Robo" due to her cool exterior.
Easy-Medium ニートくノ一となぜか同棲はじめました Some slight ninja vocabulary but overall not too bad since the main character is basically a NEET. Mostly slice of life-level dialogues. Extremely strong and beautiful kunoichi (female ninja) decides to live at the MC's place to become a NEET.
Easy-Medium 組長娘と世話係 Little furigana but simple word choice. Very SoL. Shouldn't be too much of an issue. Kirishima Tooru is the right-hand man of the Sakuragi crime family. For him, the job is a perfect excuse to let his violent instincts run wild, earning him the nickname “the Demon of Sakuragi”. It seems like nothing will stand in the way of his vicious nature. But then one day, he receives an assignment like never before from the boss—babysitting his daughter! This is the heartwarming (or is it bloodcurdling?) story of a little girl and her yakuza caretaker!
Easy-Medium 熱帯魚は雪に焦がれる Most of the characters speak in Iyo-ben, which can be confusing at times. Also features mild aquatic/aquarium terminology but it’s scarce. After her father traveled overseas for work, Konatsu Amano moved to Iyo-Nagahama to live with her aunt. On the way to her aunt's house, she gets dragged into her new high school's aquarium open house. It is there where she meets Koyuki Honami, a pretty upperclassman. After encountering each other a few more times, the girls quickly become infatuated with one another.
Easy-Medium 恋は雨上がりのように Only problem here is there is mild Kansaiben and no furigana - apart from that it's readable. Akira Tachibana is a soft-spoken high school student who used to be a part of the track and field club but, due to an injury, she is no longer able to run as fast as she once could. Working part-time at a family restaurant as a recourse, she finds herself inexplicably falling in love with her manager, a divorced 45-year-old man with a young son.
Easy-Medium 秒速5センチメートル A moderate amount of text per page so slightly harder to parse, but no problems besides that. Takaki Toono and Akari Shinohara are close childhood friends that harbor feelings for one another. However, due to certain circumstances, the distance between them begins to widen. Having promised to keep in touch with one another, they are challenged by distance and time, but their unfaltering love remains. Even so, the strong emotions they feel may not last forever.
Easy-Medium 地縛少年 花子くん For a fantasy series it's not actually that bad at all. It reads exactly like a slice of life, only a few uncommon words here and there. Rumors of the supernatural overrun Kamome Academy, namely the "Seven Mysteries." One of these mysteries is the legend of Hanako-san, the ghost of a young girl residing in the girl's bathroom on the third floor of the old school building, who is said to grant any wish her summoner desires. First-year high school student Nene Yashiro daringly summons Hanako-san in desperate need of love, but the Hanako that appears before her is a boy!
Medium ワールドトリガー It is for the most part shounen vocab but there's quite a lot of text and especially from the later volumes onwards there's a lot of explanations of battle strategy and the like. Mikado City, an otherwise peaceful city, is suddenly invaded after a gate from another world opens seemingly from nowhere. Interdimensional monsters called "Neighbors" attack, man-made weapons prove to be ineffective against them, and the city is quickly destroyed. When all hope appears to be lost, a mysterious group known as the Border Defense Agency begins to retaliate using specialized technology called "Triggers" and manages to halt the invasion.
Medium 天国大魔境 There is some sci-fi jargon here and there. The author also has a wide range of vocabulary preferring to use a lot of synonyms instead of reusing words. Within the safety of the walls, youths are raised in a nursery-style setting by robots. While life there may appear stale on the surface, the children are full of potential and curiosity. The outside world is a hell-scape. It is almost entirely void of anything mechanical and is now inhabited by powerful super-natural beings. Maru, with the aid of Kiruko, is out there crisscrossing what was once Tokyo for heaven. But after searching for so long, maybe heaven is more of an untenable dream than a potential reality.
Medium リコリスリコイル There is a lot of kanji usage that's more specialized towards politics, IT and military which makes it slightly harder than beginner stuff especially coupled with the more complex sentence strurctures used from time to time. For these peaceful days―there's a secret behind it all. A secret organization that prevents crimes: "DA - Direct Attack." And their group of all-girl agents: "Lycoris." This peaceful everyday life is all thanks to these young girls. The elite Chisato Nishikigi is the strongest Lycoris agent of all time. Alongside is Takina Inoue, the talented but mysterious Lycoris. They work together at one of its branches―Café LycoReco.
Medium おくることば Mystery, requires following the plot to understand it. Boy becomes a ghost, the last memory of the accident was where a girl pushed him. He tries to figure out why.
Medium HUNTER×HUNTER Very wordy for a manga but the language is fairly regular for a story involving supernatural powers. The story focuses on a young boy named Gon Freecss who discovers that his father, who left him at a young age, is actually a world-renowned Hunter, a licensed professional who specializes in fantastical pursuits such as locating rare or unidentified animal species, treasure hunting, surveying unexplored enclaves, or hunting down lawless individuals. Gon departs on a journey to become a Hunter and eventually find his father.
Medium かぐや様は告らせたい Mostly slife of life romcom with more challenging parts now and then. Student council president Miyuki Shirogane and vice president Kaguya Shinomiya appear to be a perfect match. Kaguya is the daughter of a wealthy conglomerate family, and Miyuki is the top student at the school and well-known across the prefecture. Although they like each other, they are too proud to confess their love, as they believe whoever does so first would "lose" in their relationship. The story follows their many schemes to make the other one confess or at least show signs of affection.
Medium ONE PUNCH MAN Some tricky vocab here and there but otherwise regular shonen language. Shonen parody (at least initially) centering on heroes. The protagonist can beat anyone with one punch. We follow his uninspired climb to the top of the hero academy.
The manga is an adaptation of the webmanga here: http://galaxyheavyblow.web.fc2.com/ which you should also check out.
Medium ブラック学校に勤めてしまった先生 So much gyaru talk. This is the hardest part by far. The rest is fine but this is actually hard. If you're used to gyaru stuff, this is easy-medium at best. If you've never encountered gyaru talk, this is medium-hard until you're used to it. Also, lots of sexual words as expected. The largest rise of dark skin gals of this century! The start of high school life with best and strongest girls out there!!
High school teacher Imada Sasamichi has been assigned to work at this school, only to find out that everyone in the class is a dark skinned gal! Kuroi, Kuroiwa, Kuroiso...all the names have kuro (black) in them! Meanwhile, Kuroi Mariko already fell in love with her teacher...!?
It's the start of these lust-filled girls straight love-attacks on teacher's life!
Medium 推しの子 Has a lot of entertainment industry topics with medium language difficulty. A doctor and his recently-deceased patient are reborn as twins to a famous Japanese musical idol and navigate the highs and lows of the Japanese entertainment industry as they grow up together through their lives.
Medium バガボンド Seinen manga so it has no furigana. Maybe some samurai vocab and some archaic phrases can throw you off. The story starts in 1600, in the aftermath of the decisive Battle of Sekigahara. Two 17-year-old teenagers who joined the losing side, Takezō Shinmen and Matahachi Hon'iden, lie wounded in the battlefield and pursued by survivor hunters. They manage to escape and swear to become Invincible Under The Heavens.
Medium サマータイムレンダ The language is not really difficulty but do note that the characters speak in a regional dialect spoken in Kansai which is quite similar to Standard Kansaiben. Following the death of his parents, Shinpei Ajiro grew up with the Kofune sisters Ushio and Mio before heading to Tokyo to live alone. Two years later, he returns to his hometown to attend Ushio's funeral following news of her drowning. However, Shinpei becomes suspicious when he receives news of strangle marks around Ushio's neck. Shinpei tries to find the answers to what really happened to Ushio and possibly save the residents from a strange dark enigma.
Medium 食戟のソーマ The actual dialogue is easy, the difficulty comes from the huge amount of food vocabulary being used. Great manga to get used to Japanese food cooking terms. Fifteen-year-old Souma Yukihira dreams to one day surpass his father's cooking skills and take over as the chef of their small family diner. However, his aspirations come to a halt when his father announces the closure of their restaurant, as he must travel abroad for cooking-related business. In the meantime, Souma is urged by his father to attend Tootsuki Culinary Academy: a world-renowned school where expulsions of incompetent students are commonplace.
Medium ぶっカフェ! While the dialogue itself isn't too difficult, there are a lot of Buddhist terms and practices since the main characters are Buddhist priests. Ruri, who's incapable of doing almost anything, has finally landed a part-time job in a café run by Buddhist priests.
Medium 異世界建国記 Fantasy- isekai vocabulary but with a specific emphasis on building a country, conquests and war making it slightly more difficult at times than the standard OP isekai stuff. The protagonist after an accident is "reborn" in another world as an abandoned child and is entrusted with other abandoned children like him. Little by little, orphans gathered, and upon hearing rumors of a new village, others began to migrate. The group that had been nothing but children had become a village before anyone have realized. And then various countries in the surroundings started to have an eye on it…
Medium 鉄風 A lot of fighting vocabulary, goes very deep into various moves from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA which can be a bit rough at the start, but other than this not too hard. Perpetually bored, Natsuo Ishidou's ability to almost instantly pick up any kind of sport has left her constantly searching for any kind of challenge. However, because she rarely finds anything difficult, she has developed a narcissistic attitude toward everyone. One day, Natsuo sees a fellow student trying to advertise a mixed martial arts club. Can she deal with the consequences of her poor attitude while rising to the challenge of someone who may actually be stronger than her?
Medium ゆらぎ荘の幽奈さん Standard harem slice of life but with lots of fantasy elements mixed into it making it more difficult than your average harem romcom. Kogarashi Fuyuzora has been haunted by the supernatural since birth, which possesses him at every opportunity. This eventually led to him being thrown out of his apartment and starting a vagrant life as an exorcist. One day, he discovers the Yuragi Manor, a boarding house with suspiciously cheap rent. Formerly a hot springs inn, legend has it that a student's body was found there, which has haunted it ever since.
Medium ワンダンス A lot of very technical dance terms. If you're not used to it/no experience in the various dance styles itself you might struggle a bit. Little furigana. Kotani Kaboku is starting high school, and he plans to do what he’s always done: go along with his friends, keep quiet, and not draw too much attention to himself. After all, it’s hard enough to get by with a stutter like his— why make things worse by standing out from the crowd? But then he sees another first-year, Wanda Hikari, dancing like no one is watching—or like she doesn’t care who sees her. It makes Kaboku wonder: Could he reach that same freedom?
Medium 五等分の花嫁 I found the vocabulary of this series to be slightly harder than the standard slice of life, but aside from that it's manageable. High schooler Fuutarou Uesugi excels at studying but lives in a tight financial state as a result of family debts. Fuutarou's mundane lifestyle is interrupted when Itsuki Nakano, a new transfer student, contests him for his usual lunch seat. After a short altercation, Fuutarou emerges victorious by insulting Itsuki's eating habits. However, when Fuutarou learns that he has been offered the private tutor position of a wealthy family's academically hopeless daughters, he immediately regrets his prior encounter.
Medium 真月譚 月姫 Manga adaptation of Tsukihime (the visual novel). Some mild chuuni speak, no furigana, and more abstract concepts makes for a slightly challenging read. It's a bit text heavy as well. Good manga for those wanting to try
something more difficult than the usual slice of life series.
Shiki Toono awakens in a hospital to find the walls and people around him covered in black lines. Unable to recall his past memories, Shiki is told that he survived a fatal car accident, which left a fragment lodged into his chest. His attraction to the lines lead him to trace over an object, revealing his ability to destroy it. After realizing only he is able to see these lines, Shiki is given a pair of glasses to mask them, before starting a new life with his relatives.
Medium-Hard LIAR GAME Complex explanations of games and rules and has some unusual (but not unnatural) Japanese here and there. An uncommonly naive college student named Nao Kanzaki receives a package containing 100 million yen (about US$1 million) and a note that she is now a contestant in the Liar Game Tournament. In this fictional tournament, contestants are encouraged to cheat and lie to obtain other contestants' money, with the losers forced to bear a debt proportional to their losses.